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Sunday, May 6, 2018

How to download facebook videos on android

download Facebook videos on Android
 Hi friends How are you.I hope you are fine so today we will talk about  How to download Facebook videos android.

You know that you can't download the videos from  Facebook in today I am gonna tell you a method which you can download the Facebook videos easily.

Lots of time you are running Facebook. You saw a video example like hacking video, funny video or knowledge video any of video. and now you want to download the video in your gallery. But there are no option from download the video in Facebook. yeah I know that there are a option that you can save the video in Facebook. but u can't download the video in your gallery which video you want to download also you want to share  the video with your friends but you can't share cause you can save the video in Facebook so you can't share with your other friends. So friends I know an app and that app you can download the Facebook videos easily.

Video Downloader for Facebook

Video downloader is a app which you can download Facebook videos easily. this app has over 10 Millions download. And it is easy to use. It is only 2.4 MB.

Feathers of this app:---

1- easy to use.
2- safe & light weight.
3- allows you to save them videos watch later.

Important note:--

 these articles not a sponsored article. I use the app and I have personal experience and I am sharing with you how to download Facebook videos thank you.

How to Use Video downloader for Facebook.

So first of all go to Play Store and download video Downloader for Facebook. I have already download the apps. So after downloading the app open it.

Download fb video

2. after opening the app this app will say to login with your Facebook account. So login with your Facebook account. Don't worry this app doesn't steal your Gmail account or password. This is a trusted app.

How to save fb video in gallary

3. After login with your Facebook account now find the video which you want to download.If you don't find any video then don't worry I think which video you like you must save it to Facebook so go to this save option and click the video and download it you have to wait 1 or 2 minute after waiting 1 or 2 minute check in your gallery and you will see a video which you want to download it

                        How to Save videos in gallary

4. Sometime you download the video  like a song you can also convert it audio. For converting to audio go to the the apps and which video you download it from Facebook now click the video and convert into MP3.

How to Download Videos From site

So friends this is another method to download Facebook videos in this method you can download Facebook videos in your Android and PC 

So follow my method:

 so if you are in your Android go to the any Browser I personally recommend you to use Chrome browser so after going the browser  now do it request desktop site
Otherwise you can download the Facebook video so if you are in PC go to Chrome or which browser do you use go there.

➧So so after going your browser now login with your Facebook account and find the video which you want to download. So after finding the video copy the link.

➧ now search Save from net.

➧ I think you listen about this site this is a trusted site so go there and remember request to desktop site otherwise you can download the video for your Android if you are in your PC then don't need to request desktop site so after going the site which link you copy and paste it and now you can download the video.

How to download Facebook video

 so friends I think now you will understand that how to download Facebook videos so if you have any problem then comment I will try to help you please share the article and he spends only 10 seconds if you like this article thank you..........

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