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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How To Download You Tube videos On Android

How to Download You tube videos

Hi friends How are you. I hope you are fine so today i am show you How to Download You Tube videos Easily.

You know that you can't Download the video from You Tube in direct.And you are here to know How to download You tube Videos .So without wasting anymore time Let's get started.

1. frist go to the You tube App.If You are using Pc Now then Go to any brower and open you Tube 

How to Download You Videos in mobile

2.After Clicking the You Tube.Find the video Which you want to download.Then you will see a share button click the share button.

3.Wait share means that you can share the video and also there will get a option `copy link`.Now copy the ink that you wan to downlaod.
4.After Copy the link Quit the You tube And open Any brower which you like bust i personnally recomended that use Chrome Browser.This is a good brower.So after opening Chrome turn on into Desktop Site otherwise you can't downlad the video.

5.and next step is Just search (Save From Net) Click here

6.And Now go to the Site And Paste that Link Which video that you want Download.It is easy Just paste the link and choose video quality and Download It.

How to download videos from pc

I Hope Now you will undestand that how to undestand How to download You videos.If there are any problem just comment
And plzz spend 30 seconds and share this article.

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