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Friday, June 1, 2018

How to make money on steemit 2018

How to make money on steemit 2018

How to make money by doing post in Steemit
You do daily post in Facebook, Instragram or Twitter and sometimes you used auto like for Facebook and use hashtag in Instagram or Twitter but you never get post by doing post in the social network so today I am going to share you a site which you can make money by doing post so without wasting any more time let's jump into the article and let you know that how to do that........

What Is Steemit ?

Steemit is a place where you can make money by doing post in Steemit.... stomach is a social media platform Har everybody get paid for sharing amazing article and content steemit is blogging and social network website..
That uses in steam blockchain best reward platform for publisher let me tell you a another way suppose twitter is a platform which you upload post and make so many friends and followers and steemit is a same platform.....
like twitter if you post in Twitter you will get nothing but if you post in estimate you will get paid for the post I hope now you will understand that.......

How to create an account on steemit ??

For creating an account on steemit follow my step very carefully causes this is the very important method so frist of go to Steemit and if you don't have any time click on the steemit link and create account but wait not go sign in after reading the full article so high new going for creating an new account you need to feel your phone number and Gmail account and also your name so after feeling all information Now listen to me very carefully.....
When you feel all information they will send a mail after 7 days or 14 days later I mean they can send the mail anytime so after receiving the mail you get pasword so now copy the password any secure place and do not share with anybody so after getting the password go to the steemit and sign in with your account first of all give you steemit  username and paste the password which you get from steemit and your sign in will be successful

How to set up your Steemit account ??

After creating an account on steemit you all do not one thing which is important after creating an account so first of all go to setting option and go to about and write something about you what you do with your profession and also give your location and if you have any website you can put the website link and also you can share your profile picture but in Steemit you can't share you profile in direct you have to put link so I know a site which you can upload your image and you can get a link and you can paste it into steemit profile so go to TinyPic and upload and image and you will get two link image copy one of those link and paste it into the steemit and for go to the tinypic site click on the Tinypic link which is two line above in this article......

Some info about Steemit(Reputation,Rule and some tips)

In Steemit you can make can make money so it must have some other rules So when you make account in .
steemit new movie you will see in your profile(25) that's mean this is your reputation power it will go higher and higher when you use Steemit you will understand that slowly.... an steemit language like means a upvote and you can resteemit others post who is you do in Twitter
that means you can share his post and do not write any small comment otherwise steemit robot will give you a copyright claim the robot think that you are a spammer don't do little comment and so comment at least one or two line do not write only two or three words example do not write small comment like example "nice" "good post"
And do not create put any ink and do not create any link
otherwise Steemit user think you are sperding malware virus this is called in steemit language....

How to post in Steemit ??

So after knowing the steemit rules it's time to post on steemit for doing and post in steemit you will see a pen edit option so go there and write your article so you can write any type of article in steemit you can write blog post if you know go photography then you can also post photography if you know something about Bitcoin then you can also write it and you can also share about story and you can share any information contained article.....
So high new download any image for your article you have to give a source link otherwise steemit robot think that you are use copying image so for giving the credit of the image follow this [Source](image link) this is steemit rule and for creating a header look at the image

For creating a header use this code otherwise your post is not will be attractive and for creating a blod letter use this code **Bold** and for *italics* and there lots of way so for understanding very clearly read this article 

How Get more Like and followers on steemit ??

After creating an account fast work is get like in your article and make some money and also get some followers so for getting likes in your post you can help Facebook for likes cause Facebook is a gate platform
ok i will give you some Facebook group Links 

Click the link and  join all the group and upvote and share your post and you can get like from here for free and you can join another group by searching Facebook

How to get upvote by share in what's app ?

You know that there are lots of WhatsApp groups and they are messaging each other and there are also some other groups which is for sharing and promote content...
There are also some group for get upvote on steemit.....
Click the link and join the group :

What's app group no 4
What's app group no 5

so join all group and follow all rules for get upvote.......

How to get upvote by doing some investment ??

If you want to increase your reputation and want to get lots of money you have to doing investment there are no need to money just need Sbd which you use precious sp and sbd so for doing investment you have use a site.......
and the site very use to easy Steem bot tracker so at first go to the site and login with your Steemit name and password after you login you see that for use Steemit
bot tracker you can search on You Tube  how to use steembottracker.....and use it very easily and you can grow up very fast and do investment by your mind....

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How to safe your Steemit account and withdraw money

You have to safe your Steemit account so for safety use account do not share your steemit ID password with anyone cause if you share then your account should be hacked cause if he know your password he also know your username and in steemit to login need a username and so don't share your password to anyone and how to withdraw money for withdraw money you have to wait 7 days cause steemit has a system you will get money after 7 days later and you can go to wallet and reedam it
and you can withdraw anytime and you can use any type of site just search on youtube how to withdraw steemit money i hope now you will get that...........

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Conclution : Friends I hope now you will get that how to make money from steemit if you have any problem just come and I will try to help you and please share this article with your friends want to make money........


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