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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Make money by uploading videos

Make money by uploading videos

How to make money by uploading videos

You upload video lots of place but you didn't get any money for the video so stay with me in this article I will tell you how you can make money by doing simple video so without wasting any more time let's jump the article

How to make money by upload video in vigo video

Vigo video is a app where you will get paid by upload videos this app payout system is paypal when you will get $1 you can withdraw it in youtube you need to do lot's of things to upload a video but in Vigo video you can record with your phone camera after record it you can simply upload it...........

Vigo app Review

Vigo app is a great app to make money fast it has 16 Laks+ download and this app review ratings is 4.3 and you can read all reviews  if you don't believe me there are so many rules read can't upload 2 videos in one day you can just only one and you can't use any Youtube 

another video you have to make own videos and you
you will get like fast then you will get lot's of flames and you have a question in your mind that what to upload you can upload any video which you can just upload it you will get flames any time i have a secret tips to get lots of flames you can join whatsapp group or telegram group and you will get flames if you do group work if you want to join group then comment i will give you link.....

How to withdraw Money from vigo app

 in first I will say that you can withdraw money with PayPal account there are not any other option so if you don't have any Paypal account then search on youtube and Google you will get lot's of tutorial....and when you have 1$ you can withdraw by simply link Paypal account

How to make money by uploading video in website

If you have a website you can make money by selling piad videos and paid video course if you don't have a website you can start with blogger it will free you can do it without any investment and if you know some online tips and tricks just make some video and sell it to your website and you can earn a lot i recommend that make a paid video course like "earn money" and sell it website

For promoting that you can use so many social network like Facebook Instagram stumboplun and more and you can take help from youtube and learn how to promote paid course you will get a lots of idea and earn good money and  you can take idea from that who is also intelligent you same content you can take idea from him.

How to make money by upload video in Udemy 

Udemy is an online learning platform it is aim for professional adult . Udemy use content from online content creator sell for profit.......

If you no programming then you can make video and sell it in udemy and if  you are good in English then you can make video and sell it and if know web development then you can write a course and sell you in good price...

For more info you can you tube and google and learn how to do that.......i will say if you think that you can do it then go for it otherwise plzz don't waste your time........

How to make money by uploading video in You tube

You tube is a place where you can make money by uploading videos but it is not easy to make money in YouTube you have to do hard work and if you know what your passion then upload about it and you will go higher

 if you want to grow in YouTube you have to know how to make a thumbnail how to put description how to write a seo title in YouTube you will get lots of tutorial how to do that I will say you that if you know anything then go YouTube otherwise please don't waste your time you can use Vigo video  in Vivo video you don't have doing nothig
 just record something and upload it in Vigo video and for get flames you can use groups and work it......

But in You tube you have to do some hard work after doing some hard work you can do your work easily and you can promote anything what you want so I say Share about your passion what you know upload about it and then you can success..........

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