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Thursday, July 5, 2018

How to create backlinks manually (easy steps!)- updated 2019

How to create backlinks manually (easy steps)

How to backlink manually

Are you a Blogger and you click the article want to know How to create backlinks manually ???

If you are new in blogging and you want to grow your blog site. You must create some backlinks to grow but you didn't know the right ways to get visitor in your Blog site today, in this Article I am going to tell you that which site you can get high quality backlinks so stay with me and let's jump into the article without wasting anymore time....

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What is Backlink ?

Backlink means when you get a link from another Blog and Website and you will get link for your Blog and Website and you will get visitors through the link that's called Backlink . Backlink is important for Search engine optimization . This is important for every Blogger

If you want to grow then you must create backlinks for your Blog without creating backlink you can't rank your website in the frist page of Google. There  are two types of backlinks one is Dofollow backlinks and another is nofollow backlinks Google give permission for Dofollow Backlinks you can also create nofollow backlinks but did
not give permission to create Nofollow backlinks you can create 1-2 Nofollow if you create so many nofollow backlinks then you can't grow and you Seo will be down.

in the above you can see two backlinks one is dofollow backlinks and one is nofollow backlinks you can create dofollow backlinks for get visitors

How to create automatic Backlink 

In this step you can create automatic backlinks by just putting your article links . You can create automatic Backlink by this two site :- Jet seo tool

In this two site you can create backlinks by submitting your article link or you can also put your website link after article/website link you have to wait 2 or 3 minutes and it will and you see that the backlinks is created

How to create backlinks through commenting another blog

If you comment another Blog then you can also get high quality backlinks this is the best way to create dofollow backlinks every blogger follow this step to get high quality backlinks for their (Blog/website) For doing this step you can help an site called Drop my link in this site you can get backlink very easily and you will get all do follow backlink and you have to comment which Domain
authorities are very high for create backlinks by Drop my link follow the steps

1.Frist go to Drop my link

2. Then choose your niche means search about keyword related which you want to create backlinks category select (Comment backlink

4.In footfrint select do follow backlink or comment luv premium select any which you want

just remember that create backlinks about your niche related don't create to another niche related otherwise you can't never grow so remember it...........

#List of High quality backlinks

5. dmoz


In the in the above link click the link and submit your article link and you can get visitor from there so chechout all the link......

How to get do Follow backlink

For getting do follow backlinks you can share your link in Facebook, Instagram bio, stumboplan mediam, Twitter ,Quora etc

#How to create profile backlink

Well to do that You have a to sign up for social bookmakring site . And after sign up you have to go settings option and And you see Add Website so now give your website link and done you will get a dofollow backlinks and remember you have to create backlink in high quality da and pa sites. otherwise you spam score will be increase thats it that's how you can boost your sitw ranking...........

#How to get backlink to friendship with a blogger

You you can get lots of backlinks to friendship with a blogger for doing that you can search in Facebook group and friendship with someone and say him to that share you link in his page and you share his link in your face and that's why talk each others and you will get visitor also like that for any help just comment.......

I hope now you will get that how to create backlinks manually if you have any questions or problems then comment i will must commment

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