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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

how to earn money online through mobile without any investment 2019

how to earn money online in through mobile without any investment 2019 updated

How to earn money online easily

In this world everyone want to make money without earn money you can't do anything in this world. For making money you have to gain some knowledge you need to keep patience then you can make money....... I see lots of people do work lots of sites they continue the work some days and then they stop working......that's why they can't make money......i think you are one of them so don't worry in this article i will guide you How you can make money online . so let's get started............

Earn Money by doing Freelancing

 first of all what is Freelancing ?? Freelancing means in online you do work for others and you get paid for that in freelancing you can use site fivver upwork Guru etc....
Hindi site you can do any work and if you get any order and you did the work then they will paid for that......

now you have a question in your mind and that is what i do ?? How I get order...

How to make money by doing Freelancing

You can do writing and if you know graphics design then you can make logo design, card design and if you know writing then you can write articles for others and if you know some other work then just make a gig and wait for order if you don't have any experience that how you will get an order then you can do research in Google and also in Youtube you will get lot's of video that how to get an order and how to make money by doing freelancing....

How to make money from Blog

How to make money in Blogging
You can make money from Blog by simply writing an article in blogging you have to keep patience and you have to do hard working and when you get success then you can continue your work and you can make lots of money by doing Blogging. You can start writing sign Blogger.And you have to write some articles and you need to do SEO(search engine optimization) for getting the rank first page of Google. You have to buy a custom domain. After doing all you can apply for Adsense if you get approval wait then great your online money making journey is started now you can make money easily and if you don't get approved in blogger then don't worry you can also apply for this is alternative for AdSense this site also gives you high CPC ad for Blogger........

How to make money from You tube

How to make money from you tube

In YouTube you will get for paid for uploading videos in YouTube you have to do (hard-working) then you will get success I will say that if you know anything I mean if you know any tips or tricks just upload a video about it in .YouTube and if your video will get rank then you will get a lot of subscribers and views .in new update of Youtube you need 4000 hours to watch time and 10 thousand view. And then you can apply for AdSense and after getting the approval you will get paid for seeing ad in your video.....You have to research your title keyword, which tag is important, and give a description and try to make a video about trends things then you can ern money in Youtube

Earn Money by selling book

Make money by selling ebooks

If you have some time you can write a course which you know about that you can create an book for creating an ebook you can use any notepad and write what you know about and sell it to any type of places and you will get good money for that.... now you have a question in your mind that how you promote your books so you can hire people from fivver you have to just give some money and he will sell your books a lot and also you can do Facebook advertising first of all I say learn Facebook advertising then go for it this is one of the best way to sell your books FB is the great platform you can sell your books by doing simple Facebook advertising .

Make money by writing article

Earn money by writing article

If you are a writing lover this you can make money this site easily steemit is a great platform that you will get for paid for submitting articles not only article you can submit anything like any story ,image etc lots of people submitting article in steemit that's why I am telling that to write article in steemit you will get for that you can also submit small article and get paid for that now you have a question in your mind that how i get like and money don't worry i already wrote an article read the full article and you will completely get that a to z

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