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Monday, March 25, 2019

how to extract zip file in android (easy way)

Extract zip file to xml file within 5 Minutes 
Extract zip file to xml file within 5 Minutes 

Are you a blogger . and you are here to know how to extract zip file xml file . then you are at the right place in this article i am gonna tell you that how you can Extract zip file xml file. Cause in blogger you can't upload zip theme file . So frist you have to extract the file .

Follow this steps 

1. Go any site like Gooyaaybitetemplete . In this site you can get Free themes, Responsive templates etc.....

2. Now find your favourite theme and select the theme suppose i select this theme Elegance.......

3.Now you can also buy it . Or you can use it for free. and you can also see the live demo of this theme....

4.Now click download. Now to go you Storage or file and now click The zip file which you have download .

5.After clicking the zip file it then click extract. and it will be extracted.

6. Now you can see a new file and click that boom your file has been extracted zip file to xml file.........

Now go to your Blogger dashboard and click Theme-->choose file-->And upload you (.xml) File. I hope now you will get that How to extract zip file to xml file . 

How to Buy theme ??

What you will got if you buy theme . 

  • romove footer credits
  • You theme will be fast 
  • Lifetime premium support 
  • One time payment
  • No pishing script
Payment Option : Paypal,Visa,Payneer etc

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