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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

make money by shorting url : earn daily 5$ to 10$

make money by shorting URL: earn daily 5$ to 10$

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how to make money by shorting url

are you click this link to know how to earn money by shorting URL don't worry you are at in the right place .in this article i will share with you how to make money by shorting url, how to get click and views on your shorten link,secret tips and tricks etc . and i will also share you some ways to get more views on your link .if you want to know all info then read the full article.and i am sorry for uploding article late . so without wasting any more time lets jump into the article...........

Best link shortener website:

  • clicksfly
  • shortzon
  • linkearn
  • ulsfun
  • adfly
  • ulsfun
  • za.zl
note : there are lots of website of link shorten bur I am telling you that which sites are best 

now the question is which one you sign up?

you can choose any of them 

Earn money by sharing links on Facebook

you know that facebook is the best way to generate lead, get traffice, views, referral user etc and lots more . so now how you can get views for shorten link . today i am gonna tell you something that no one will share you have to create a girl account and now make 5000 friends after making 5000 friends. upload some photos . you know what i mean now go to youtube and copy any video link now short the link that you copied from youtube .now share to your profile .and see that you will get lots of views and you can earn 5$ to 10$ daily.......
if you understand the process. and if you understand anything then please let me know what is the problem. now let's see another way.....................

Earn money by sharing links on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the another best way no i mean WhatsApp group. over 1billipn and more people use let's go to the point that how to make money. there are lots of p group like they do view another link and you have to view their links by doing this process you can get excellent views let me tell you another thing there are lots of people they just give there link and lead view by others and don't view other friend dont do that they are also here to make money so help each other to make money then you can make money. now i hope that what to do it whatsapp group.............

Earn money by sharing links on youtube

there are some youtuber that they told you to check description and give any site links or any other links and you clicked that. they gain profit by using the  question is how you get views and you don't have any youtube channel don't worry i have a solution see the process very carefully upload film tailor and in the description give the shorten movie link and also you can create non-copyrighted song channel and in description give the song link and also create channel of WhatsApp status video this the best way and also your channel will grow fast i hope you understand all process.........

Earn money by sharing links through helping people

there are another way like you can help anyone and make money now question is how? well you can do this trick any place like facebook,twitter,whatsapp.messenger, youtube etc supposed you are in a facebook group like tech related, programming related etc now supposed  i am in programming group and now everyone want to learn programming  so i searced google programming books on pdf file and i copy that book link and shoten it and now i share it to the group and boom after 1 or 2 minutes later you see the results that so many people click you link and download the book they will also happy and you also will be happy..... not only one group you can share you can share as much as you want . i told you about this cause i apply this method before and i got benefits so i am sharing with you that. no one gonna told you this method i am sharing with you that cause i love people who read my article so this was bonus tips for you...........

Earn money by sharing links in forum, other social sites

there are some forum and other social sites which you can make money by sharing link i am not telling to share link all forum . share link which site give permission . and ther are some forum like quora . in quora you cant share shorten link so i am telling you that follow the rules and make money...........

Earn money by sharing links view exchanges website

if none of the info gives in the upper works for you then you can try this formula .there are lots of websites which you view ads and they will give you coins or something else so don't withdraw the coins just go to add website and now give your shorten link and you also money but this is so hard I just told you if you want to try this method it all upper to you and comment for website exchanges website............

conclusion: thank you guys for reading the full article. if you don't understand anything then comment and I will try to help you .if you like this article then share this article with your friends let them know also about that tricks.......

thank you 

blog author: Abid

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