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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

8 effective ways to make money from twitter

how to make money from twitter

8 effective ways to make money from twitter

hi friends how are you I hope you are fine in this article I will share about how you can make money from twitter.twitter has 330 million monthly active users. so if you can use twitter perfectly and if you dont then don't worry then i will share with you some awesome tips........

how to make money on twitter 2019

in 2019 you can use twitter in many ways here are the way you can earn money in a genuine way to follow the tips.....

  1. need a twitter account
  2. need one domain + hosting
  3. need some followers 

you just need these threes requirements so now your question is what to do ?

affiliate marketing: if you want to rich fast then affiliate marketing is the best way. for doing affiliate marketing you can take advanced search of twitter. follow the steps.....

for example: if your affiliate niche it "fitness" now search on the twitter (advanced search) option fitness and now in below search your targeted country. well now write an article about your niche "fitness" in your website now share the article in your twitter profile and and create some hashtag and rank your twitter post now wait for some days and you will get your results this is the way you can affiliate marketing in twitter......

Earn from website : if you have a website and some followers you can get traffic from twitter and through adsence, in website, you can earn money to increase followers you can use many formula like you can use trendy hashtag and many other ways which you can learn about from you that how you can increase followers on twitter after getting some followers you have to share an article in your twitter profile daily 2 times . one of times you get click and remember your ctr should be interesting because if there was no interest in your article title no one gonna clicks that article......

how many followers do you need to make money on twitter

you need at least 10 k followers if you want to make money from twitter don't worry it will not take so much time to increase followers you have to continue upload post with hashtag and you have to wait for some time if you are getting results then that's good and if you dont get any results then learn the twitter marketing from blog, facebook group and youtube. 

make money tweeting

yes, you can make money by tweeting you can sign up for this website sponsored tweets and paid per tweet this website gives you paid to share sponsored tweets in your profile you just need some followers if you want to make money from this steps and if you dont then follow the other steps............

how to get paid on twitter

well in these steps you can promote other products. like you see lots of time a model wear some products and they mention the profile link in their profile. so you know that this a paid sponsorship so now the question is how you can get sponsorship, you can get sponsorship form famebit. easy you just need some followers that's it......

how to earn money from twitter by sharing shorten link

in this step, you can earn money with two steps one is to share your website link and another is share shorten link now follow the steps

  1. first, choose any shorten link site
  2. second, sign up for the site
  3. now put your website and shorten the link
  4. then share the shortened link in your twitter profile
and you can give some value to your followers like you can give any book for free and shorten it so you will happy and your followers will also happy so yes this is how you can make money from twitter by sharing shorten link.......

how to make money on twitter sponsored tweets

this is the best way to make money from twitter on sponsored tweets sign up any sponsored tweets site and try to get sponsored and if you get sponsored then you can earn lots of money from twitter yes guys trust me this the best way to earn money.......

how to monetize twitter

so friends twitter has video montization. yes now you can make money from video monetizing twitter give a good amount of money to publishers if you have any problem about video monetizing then comment I will help you 

make money from rev tweet

actually, this site gives you some photos and you have to upload in your profile and you will get paid.........

thank you for read the article if you need any help then comment below have a good day!

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