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Friday, August 9, 2019

turn old android phone into security camera

turn old android phone into security camera

turn, old, android, phone, into ,security, camera

turn old android phone into security camera

hi friends how are you i hope you are fine in this article i gonna share with you an amazing trick i gonna share with you that how you can turn old android phone into security camera so without wasting any more time lets jump into the article.....

for this requirements :

  •  one old phone 
  •   an app 

we use phone and sometimes its get od and we don't use it like we throw somewhere else. so like you can use the old phone for this.

# first step for turn old android phone into security camera

➠ at first, go to playstore and download a app called manything 

➠ then open the app and sign up after sign up then sign in

➠ after sign, in then app will ask you for select viewer or camera

➠ you have to select camera then done it will start recording

#second step for android users

after done step 1 now its time to do step 2 . so in your mind questin is how you can see that recording so for that.......

➠ you have to log in another phone with same account which you have created first...

➠ now select viewer cause you are now not recording you just view that what is happening

that's how you can use it..........

#second step for pc users

in pc you have to go manything official website (search on google)

➠ now just sign in with the same account

➠ after sign-in select viewer 

well you can buy there premium version for $...

thank you for the read the article if you have any problem then comment below let me know about that . if you have time share this article with ou friends........

                                                                                                                               thank you

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